The Individual

An individual can envision, promote, provide solutions and capabilities.

An individual can innovate, invent, custom build and create something new.

An individual can be encouraged and encouraging, optimistic and revitalized.

An individual can be confident, bold, courageous and energized with purpose.

An individual can experience and express trust, loyalty, validation and appreciation.

An individual can experience a greater sense of self worth and identity.

An individual can realize that they are valuable, unique and full of surprises.

An individual can express the best of who they are, empowered with awesome potential.

An individual can improve their health, vitality, self-sufficiency, character and capacity.

An individual can accept challenge and opportunity to solve problems and achieve goals.

An individual can achieve and succeed with excellence, competence and victory.

An individual can experience satisfaction, reward, compensation and happiness.

An individual can teach, coach, be a mentor, friend, ally, guardian, trustee, executive or worker bee.

An individual can champion an endeavour, volunteer, take initiative, be a team player.

An individual can always learn, grow, excel and be dedicated to continuous improvement.

An individual can be conscientious and aware of other people, environment and community.

An individual can make effort not excuses, be enthusiastic, energized, engaged and involved.

An individual can increase in personal initative, response ability, power, freedom and independence.

An individual can develop their capacity to succeed in mission tasking, trustworthiness and reliability.

An individual can optimize opportunities, be a valuable asset to others and increase the quality of life.

An individual can contribute, invest, buy, sell, trade, develop, acquire, provide and deploy resources.

An individual can provide financial and non-financial resources such as time, materials and expertise.

An individual can co-operate with others to build great things together, to have, to be, to experience, to do.

An individual can know that problems are temporary, be free from distractions and negative influence.

An individual can be involved in purposeful, productive and profitable endeavours and enterprise.

An individual can take pride in his work and be an asset to his trade, profession, industry and enterprise.

An individual can increase in nobility, wisdom, service, leadership, love, courage, fortitude and resolution.

An individual can imagine what it might be like to exercise their creative imagination.

An individual can imagine with pro-active vision making their dreams and desires a fact in the world.

An individual can make a difference with powerful freedom of choice, relevant options and pro-active decision.

An individual is a soul, with dreams, purpose, destiny, with opportunities to learn, grow, experience and express the best of who they are.

You are an individual and I am an individual, we can work to build great things together.


Individual Creative Imagination is Visionary!

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