Unity - the real unified field

Unity is strength, every individual is a super-power, with character, genius, experience, skill and ability.

Unity is focused with a magnitude of awareness, urgency, dedication, common goals and values.

Unity is amplified with personal resolution and action, it is heart and soul, mind and energy.

Unity is like a soul group, doing what you want because you can, it is a choice point in a timeline.

Unity multiplies understanding, awareness, perspective, perception, wisdom, possibility and probability.

Unity knows that many hands make light work and there is nothing like the right thing at the right time.

Unity provides unlimited creative imagination, a unified field that is an alternate reality creation engine.

Unity knows that we have inalienable rights and corresponding responsibilities.

Unity knows that faith, family, freedom and free enterprise is our right and power we exercise.

Unity knows our duty and honour to preserve, promote, create, enable, augment and amplify our freedom exists.

Unity knows being an explorer, adventurer, pioneer, inventor, individual and super achiever is awesome. Everyone can encourage others to express the best of who they are.

Unity knows that being dedicated to a worthy endeavour and building a nation, family, industry and enterprise is awesome.

Unity knows that we must build upon the foundation of peace, order and good government and that we can build great things together.

Unity knows that this endeavour is in accordance with the supreme law, the "British North America Act" and it is dedicated to a revitalized Canada, industries of prosperity, and everyday opportunities to re-invent and create our world, our quality of life and to live our wildest dreams, to create reality from pure imagination and vision, something awesome.

Unity, Vision, Focus, Action….Unity is a super-power

Individual Creative Imagination is Visionary!

Advance in the direction of the future, the extra-ordinary vision…

Exercise the power to create an awesome future now

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