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Discover a Real Canadian Intel Research Base, with comprehensive subjects, analysis and perspective, that will greatly expand your level of awareness, validate what you may already know and believe on a whole new level. We hope to increase funds for research and translation, and encourage others to be pro-active in the quest to re-establish "Peace, Order and Godd government…for the Union of Canada"

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Why is freedom of speech a really good thing?

Freedom of Speech and Association, Truth and Justice are all National Security Issues, as in Peace Order and Good Government, and as a building block, The Magna Carta, otherwise, we have an all out war, open season by criminal rogue elements of traitors and genocide maniacs who not only want to censor, suppress and control, and rule by lawless arbitrary decree, they want to make people sick, enslaved, in debt and die, destroy nation state sovereignty, plunder countries and destroy the opposition without the rule of law or any shred of civilized behaviour, never mind more advanced spiritual faculties and character.

So, knowing who your friends and allies are as well as who the enemy is, and enemy tactics are essential elements of everyday living. Freedom of Speech, with Truth and Justice imply a conscience, morals, integrity, true values, things you can build a lasting relationship with, an enterprise or a nation.

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Faith, Family, Freedom, Free Enterprise, Firearm Rights & Private Property Rights, Freedom of Speech & Association, personal helath sovereignty, like nation state sovereignty, which includes monetary or currency sovereignty, along with Truth & Justice, Peace, Order and Good Government are all necessary for an advanced civilized civilization to exist, with individual creative imagination at work, a pro-active life working towards building great things together.

Individual Creative Imagination is Visionary!

Advance in the direction of the future, the extra-ordinary vision…

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