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Advance into the direction of the future, the extra-ordinary vision

CCFR - The Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights

CCDAF - Le Coalition Canadienne pour le Droite des Armes
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Exoneration Projects and Gun rights in a whole new light…


Amplified with the alternate reality creation engine…

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We are proud of the work of and impressed with the people involved with the CCFR-CCDAF.

Notes : A campaign for membership and litigation against the illegal ban on firearms
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Faith, Family, Freedom, Free Enterprise, Firearm Rights & Private Property Rights

Get organized, because the enemy sure is….

Also: if there is a problem with the litigation (total government corruption and zero justice)

Battlegroup 301 Incorporated - Civil Defence :

Knights of the Round Table Church

Canuck Law -

Research, Investigative Journalism, Independent Media (Redpilling Future Nationalists)

Discover a Real Canadian Intel Research Base, with comprehensive subjects, analysis and perspective, that will greatly expand your level of awareness, validate what you may already know and believe on a whole new level. We hope to increase funds for research and translation, and encourage others to be pro-active in the quest to re-establish "Peace, Order and Godd government…for the Union of Canada"

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