Special Projects - (summary, PDF, news - en route)

Advance in the direction of the future, the extra-ordinary vision.

Special Projects may have exclusive characteristics and may also include elements of the Advanced Projects and Advanced Civilisation Projects. Special Projects can be more specific or general in nature. They may also include various levels of government, related entities, endeavours and initiatives.

Our focus here is in creating exciting opportunities for rewarding involvement in the co-creation of destiny, with the various combinations for consideration is part of the unlimited creative imagination at work. Although there are conventional ordinary ideas in the range of Special Projects, relevant options or choice points exist that can effect the timeline of the Special Project.

Special Projects may be considered as collaboration with stakeholders, the presentation of possibilities and opportunities that involve freedom of choice in combinations that did not exist before. It is based on the "as real as it gets scenario" and all involve national, regional and local industry economic development, that is useful for a revitalized quality of life of the individual, family, enterprise, industry, community, people and Canada.

● Techno : general or specific entity, technology, product, service or program
● Enterprise Organization: business combination, co-development, integrated & independent projects
● Enterprise Capital Structure : entity, securities, initial organization, IPO
Aero Industrial : Airport Development, Aviation, Aerospace, Space
Defence technology, civil defence, survival, doctrine, techniques, resources
● Automobile : Vehicles, autoparts, technology, materials and supply continuum
● Railroad, infrastructure, logistics, locomotives, railcars technology continuum
● Mechanical : Machinery, Equipment & Tools Continuum
● Marine Industrial: Ports, Commercial, Logistics & Technology Continuum
● Construction : development, construction, infrastructure, resources
Community Economic Development: industrial parks, infrastructure & enterprise
● People : education & training, learning resources, character development
● Entrepreneur Enterprise : rural industry, private shop, personnel optimization
● Pro-life : Food, Water, Air, Health & Environment : quality of living environment
● Bio-diversity : emergency resources, projects, class action, citizen campaigns etc.
● Environment : Forestry, Farming, Agriculture, Soil, Natural Resources
● Infrastructure : communication, energy, utilities, fuel, multiple logistics
● Communication : multi media, citizen journalism, arsenal of democracy
● Personnel : promotion, marketing, sales, working shareowners, investors, customers
● POGG : pro-active peace, order & good government
● CTGW : counter-measures to crime, treason, genocide & war

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Advance in the direction of the future, the extra-ordinary vision…

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