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Community Economic Development

Notes for Agencies, Entitites, Citizens, Members, Community
Imagine for a moment, specific resources being directed to local, regional or national projects, or towards specific community economic development, the promotion existing, new and growing enterprise, or the re-location or establishment of enterprise operations, that offers awesome new jobs and careers, technology, products, services and opportunities unlike anything else around. Do you ever think about that or wondered how different that could be?

We go forward with notes corresponding to greater understanding for initiatives concerning Community Economic Development Agencies or Entities, being county, regional, town, city or otherwise, for greater collaboration, co-operation, revenue, accountability, opportunities and designated policy and administration provisions, conditions, options, ideas, proposals or otherwise.

This can include notes expanding on jurisdiction, tax, reporting, national security provisions, first right of acquisition or refusal, downstream related, inter-related, integrated or exclusive options that may exist or be created, special marketing, promotion, sales, distribution or other ideas that may be developed.

We go in the direction from general and basic towards more specific and comprehensive, the optimisation of ideas, assets, infrastructure and people, in addition to other options that may create, add to or amplify opportunities, capabilities, capacity, competence, the co-creation of destiny. This includes achieving goals, making progress, creating productivity and prosperity with the involvement and support of the community. Interest and enthusiasm for economic and enterprise development is essential, as it is in our personal lives for the work we do, the people we know and associate with or are involved with.

As you can see, creative imagination at work to create relevant options in exciting and dynamic opportunities that an individual or community may desire and choose to be involved in, remains as simply the idea, capabiity and infrastructure as an initial proposition, from any number of alternate realities that may be created by the choice points in the time line, that you might not ever have otherwise, and this goes beyond the typical limited range of choices most people have to pick from.

So it is ok to be picky, so long as there are plenty of relevant options to pick from, and this point of view is completely realistic and extremely far more advantageous and is configured to the Special Project which allows for unknown variables in the equation and freedom of choice.

Challenges may exist concerning the support and enthusiasm of various development projects, including enterprise, as typically, control for enabling and promoting or suppressing and rejecting, or insufficient acceptance and enthusiasm for a project is often restricted to the governing entities, agencies or departments including those individuals working there.

Conflicts of interest or breaches of trust by governing administration and personnel in representing the general public community, that maybe thwarts, denies, rejects or supresses development options, by the favouritism and protection of existing enterprise or other cliques, even though the enterprise, technology and products and services may be considerably different, or be more competitive or add to or amplify the various commercial transactions that are possible in the local community personnel, enterprise, technological asset and infrastructure base.

Even differences of political outlook and lifestyle can influence projects, as some communities may be pro-Canadian, anti-globalist, more conservative, with traditional true values and real normal family values, be more personally risk taking in entrepreneurial and enterprise ventures. Some communities have or have access to greater educational and skill development facilities, other local or regional assets that can increase the opportunities for a greater quality of life.

Also, various communities and people can have a more unified understanding and action towards a more Made in Canada appreciation and pro-active life. They do not need a big speech about the advantages of Made in Canada and the local economy, they already know what to do, and appreciate proposals and actual establishment of new enterprise and community economic development that is good for everyone. They see the big picture and they also know what is in it for them and other people, opportunity, productivity, prosperity and new forms of organisation to build great things together, on top of what is something that could be extremely interesting in work, career, business commerce and a wide open future full of promise and possibility.

The difference between a community that is based mainly on liberalism contrasts significantly with a more nationalist one, with people who involve themselves with intellient pro-active patriotism, nation building, community development that is favourable to enterprise, solid families. A community that is more Canadian, or having more of the founding people may be united with common goals, interests, history and the creation of an alternate reality they can have by powerful freedom of choice. This also contrasts in communities that are not ultra Canadian or real Canadian. Since society has been divided, and diversity is a weakness and a code word for white genocide, only various community economic development projects are possible in certain areas with a certain kind of people.

If we go forward with unity, the ability to care, respond with enthusiasm, to be pro-active and make effort not excuses, to work at co-operative initiates and endeavours, to invent our way and work to build anything, not only great things, is essential and valuable. This includes that people need to remember and care, to be motivated and actually do something by makiing it a priority.

The drug culture has decimated peoples ability to remember, utilize logic, critical analysis, express considerable will power and effort, after a while they just don't care and don't do anything about it to help themselves and have difficulty working with others, and often have lost the reliable old fashioned industrious work ethic, and simply being into your zone of work with energy and enthusiasm. Robot jobs don't help, people need to be engaged, challenged, productive, take pride in their work, work should be fun, interesting, enjoyable, maybe even feel like it is not work at all.

Of course, the mainstream news media and entertainment entrainment mind control empire has also decimated society with moral degeneracy and genocide, including the education mind control super imposed cultural anti national subversion and promotion of treason, genocide and infinite war against nation state sovereignty including a robust industrial economic system where enterprise and family and community can thrive with sound and solid time tested financial management and economic monetary foundation.

Citizens or residents may favour various projects also that can add to the employment opportunities and industry economic base. Some of this can be discovered by surveys, response, involvement and support, including town hall meetings or otherwise for corresponding encouragement to the governing entities and personnel. Honest communications, research, understanding and agreement can make progress in community economic development in addition to nation building, families, industry and enterprise.

This includes of course the communications media in a particular community, as some news is more of the fascist liberalism type with their version of news and propaganda, while others may have independent old fashioned Canadian news, greater investigative journalism, as opposed to "opinion pieces" that have been pre authorized or pre-approved because of someone's political or sexual beliefs and practice, the globalist sell out your country and let it get plundered, or the we can have Made in Canada.

Awareness of who owns, controls, votes and edits the "news" and corresponding agenda is essential, in addition to counter-measures to includes the establishment or expansion of pro-Canadian Made in Canada point of view and all the other valuable advantages that go with it. Communities need to organize the freedom of speech which is the arsenal of democracy, as it is now, the massive control by certain groups and types of people, have waged relentless war on Canadian communities.

The war is against people, individuals, family, values, morality, truth, industry for the most part and enterprise, including strategic enterprise that are essential to nation state sovereignty, building the future and competitive advantage which they work to suppress and destroy or ignore and censor the relevant options and the powerful freedom of choice that can be exercised by an educated and aware citizen and resident. Let's go forward and make real progress.

Money, taxation and regulations influence almost everything. It is also recognized that a governing entity may establish a tax, increase taxes, temporary or permanent, where people have no choice. Options to do a debt free interest free fund raiser, including a unit, entity or otherwise with common shares or units, or in the case of other experimental and applied options, capital structure in one form or another, can be done with an enterprise, why not a government? We already know, and you probably do too by now.

Capital structure and corresponding documentation can be custom made for a simple enterprise to comprehensive, integrated entities and operations by Intergalactic Securities & Management Corporation, with an awesome array of products and services for the individual, entrepreneur, enterprise, including multiple jurisdictions, interlocking control, ownership, voting and business interests…

Community Economic Development with Strategic Enterprise Development Inc. including general and advanced technology and industry promoted by Capital Vault Incorporated is where a lot of challenge, pro-active endeavours, reward and productive and purposeful action exists or is possible. It has taken a lot of work to get this far and there is much more do do, but at least with something comprehensive, visionary, dynamic and organized for deployment, a lot more is possible easier and faster than ever before.

The transformation of vision into reality begins step by step going in that direction. Innovation and inventing our way for mutual benefit and agreement is essential and integrated ideas and options in ways that work to build great things together. This equates with common purpose, a shared vision, mutual co-operation, simple idea proposals to more comprehensive agreements and logistics.

Community Economic Development Agencies and Entities are well positioned and essential in economic industry redevelopment, community revitalization, new and expanding business enterprise and creating greater opportunities for residents and citizens with a more conducive environment for enterprise. This can include resource base, asset and infrastructure optimisation, as every community is unique.

Additionally, other aspects at work include the potential for secure supply line development, that promotes local, regional and national made in Canada products and services with like minded people. The existing globalist trade agreements seeks to control, limit and deny the priority of buying local or made in Canada, the traitors do not believe in freedom of choice, all the more reason the people should have it.

The ability or capacity of building
to scale competence and capabilities of the enterprise is also a valuable asset to deploy. The enterprise may require additional resources, financing, building, equipment, machinery, investment, and general or specialized personnel.

The enterprise may engage in research and development, investment and acquistion, utilize conditional sales contracts, convertible investment options, buying group, co-operatives, new or enhanced supply and distribution, OEM and retrofit or completely new integrated programs, projects, technology, products and services. This can have integrated enterprise that creates synergies by the magnitude.

With solid character of personnel, that includes a reliable work force with an industrious ethic, personal responsability, integrity solid identity with true values are an asset to the community, family, enterprise and industry. In some cases, national security rated personnel may be required, some with confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements. As usual the education, skills development and deployment of personnel are dedicated to solid quality, good paying family rated jobs as we like to call it.

Altruistically, working shareowners are favoured for the extreme advantages to the enterprise and working personnel. More comprehensive ownership, control, voting, jurisdiction, reporting, tax considerations, write-offs or expenses can offer strategic, operational and tactical advantage, including greater financial resources and optimistic outlook to be possible.

Additionally, not to be overlooked, counter-measures to globalism, with the corresponding sellout by government with crime, genocide, treason and war against Canada and the real Canadians who are the founding people, are always aspects of economic industrial warfare that we must deal with. The ability to create and expand more Made in Canada is essential. Many people in government are oblivious to the globalism liberalism war on nation state sovereignty and the corresponding effects of the cultural marxist machinations against everyday citizens.

Some awareness, understanding, agreement, wisdom, audacity, courage and pro-active strategy and solid action is required in this endeavour. Although the destruction and corruption of Canadian values, in addition to the loss of jobs, especially in manufacturing and many industries, many communities have experienced massive collateral damage.

Realizing the damage caused from super imposed garbage cultural marxism primarily with the communications warfare of social order and control, sponsored by liberalism fascist anti-Canadian media dedicated to genocide in addition to corporate and government sponsored crime, treason, genocide and war, we have a lot of work to do to stop the damage, undo the damage, and go forward.

We go forward and create something new, superior, more general or advanced, more civilized and ethical, more true values with time tested solid productive traditional principals, some things can be made more simple and reliable with greater quality, affordability and made in Canada, like automobiles, all types of machinery, marine craft, airplanes and yes even space technology.

Organizations, enterprise and each related independent, inter-dependent and integrated technology continuum can be more comprehensive, with the extremely valuable asset of good reliable people of character, that are robust, dynamic, resilient, healthy, free and alive with a sense of adventure, happiness, confidence, trust and optimism in every day.

We believe communities with solid citizens with true values and Canadian character are well positioned to organize and create exciting and challenging opportunity, new wealth creation, productivity and prosperity that will leave everything and everyone else backwards and obsolete by comparison.

Going beyond people capital and intellectual and character capital, we regard financial capital which includes, capital structure, which are securities and related financing that can certainly be utilized to make up financing shortages, accelerate finance acquisition and deployment and successful mission tasking of the Special Project, and provide valuable and mutually beneficial options, compensation, revenue and associated possibillities that may not exist from simply making a contribution. It is possible to trade or pay or exchange or transfer certain securities, something as simple as a serial bond issue where payments, terms and conditions can be made for the acquision or development of a property, where some of the bonds can be invested in and some can be offered in exchange
. with the payments of capital, interest or other rights as mutually agreed. Innovation revolution…

Since this endeavour requires publicity and promotion in addition to results and response-ability from citizens, it is recognized not all news media may be enthusiastic in promoting industry, free enterprise, community revitalization, new jobs and careers, commercial transactions and the Special Project itself, however, a more pro-Canadian optimistic collaborative approach and enthusiastic promotion can certainly enable other fine and useful compensation, reward, recognition and other exceptional possibilties to be enabled for those who are supportive and interested in the success of the venture.

- The Community Economic Development Account -

Simpler, faster, easier, with more general or focused dynamic options and opportunities

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How cool is that? Going from absolute zero in a portfolio to absolutely awesome quality of life in Canada.