True Values : Real and relevant Canadian good news:

We would like to promote peace, order and good government. As we expand on basic values of faith, family, freedom and free enterprise, we evidently need a re-invention and vastly expanded establishment of news media based on real Canadian values, true values, a more nationalist nation building vision and environment that supports, encourages and provides something for the heart and soul of everyday real Canadians.

An individual can promote a pro-active Canada with true values: An old fashioned, traditional ethics, time tested based on solid principals, that excel, achieve, build, create and provide the civilized character, abundant resources and effective organization of an advanced civilization.

Consider the strategic, operational and tactical advantage of being aware and involved in local, regional, provincial, national endeavours, opportunities, enterprise and industry, the big picture in a unified vision, promoting Made in Canada.

Individual growth includes independence and health, increased levels of self-sufficiency, useful, relevant and valuable education and training, The ideal citizen that is engaged in co-operative associations, endeavours and enterprise, where being professional, skilled and competent is essential, where inventive people with individual creative imagination have an environment and resources to advance their work.

Good people are solidified with an industrious work ethic, who value character building aspects such as self-discipline and self-control, patience, generosity, honesty, loyalty, the capacity to work towards common goals and vision known as co-operation and expressing the best of who you are.

With a more civilized character, faith and confidence, trust and trustworthiness, motivated, resourceful, enthusiastic and going forward with purpose, we succeed. Being determined, having resolution, goals and ideals and identity about the true individual and inherent potential, going forward with courage, even moral courage, confidence, tenacity and resilience.

We need dedicated, brave, people with initiative, people that can jump in with both feet or jump out of bed in the morning, hit the ground running off to the most exciting day ever, the sucessful person that can be a super achiever built on and living with true values.

We have more awesome things to promote that offer incentive, compensation, challenge and reward, tangible and intangible benefits. This includes being civilized, traditional, pioneering, a life of exploration and discovery, risk taking, engineering and manufacturing, old school, people that can do the math, fractions, geometry, work with tools and machinery, to custom build something personally or with others.

We need people that can invent their way and not give up, promote a vibrant and robust industry, people with audacity and ambition, the ability to survive and thrive, people capable of critical analysis and logic, people that can know and identify the enemy, people that are visionary, pro active and involved anyway they can and promote peace, order and good government.

We need people that like the idea and ideal of adventure and the greatest adventure of all time.

Is that more up to speed for you? Can you identify with that? Are these true values your values?

Individual Creative Imagination is Visionary!

Advance in the direction of the future, the extra-ordinary vision…

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