Strategic Account - Strategic Enterprise Development Inc.

The Strategic Account :
● a non-investment account utilized for transactions with SEDI;
● for financial and non-financial contributions in trust;
● and controlled by the Private Executive Trustee and the Member Co-trustee;

● utilized with or for general and specific opportunities;
● includes terms, compensation, conditions, rights, options, payments etc.;
● can promote, create, enable, augment or amplify;

● private enterprise, technology, products, services, programs and projects;
● and may include or offer corresponding prospectus and executive summaries;
● utilizes parallel characteristics of capital structure, ownership, voting, control;

● integrates development, leasing, conditional sales or acquisition contracts;
● integrates co-development, joint ventures and business combinations;
● integrates employment, working share-owner, enterprise commerce options;

● VIP-RSVP promotion, tangible and intangible benefits and opportunities;

● may utilize various jurisdictions, entities, associations and agreements;
● utilized for initial organization, IPO, invest, custom build and buying group;

● custom made, in fixed or variable for temporary, intermediate and long term;
● integrates financial and non-financial resource options;
● integrates revenue, compensation, rights, conditions and provisions;

Special Projects Opportunities - Exponential Projects Opportunities

The Strategic Account simplifies resource allocation decision and enables a greater range of options in addition to more time available to redirect those resources to those companies, entities or otherwise promoted by the Capital Vault Incorporated CVIx Advanced Projects, also know as Strategic Enterprise Development Inc., in accordance with those values, mission, vision and corresponding documentation and mutual agreement.

A Strategic Account may have provision such as: a 10 year Serial Bond - for Aero-Industrial Hangar building projects for example.

This may also include a Convertible Bond Issue that includes provisions, rights, conversion price, conversion options, options and other details into a corresponding Enterprise, Entity, Capital Structure, Product, Service, Technology, Program or otherwise in the SEDI Advanced Projects or SEDI Special Projects.

This may also include conditional sales contracts or acquisition and deployment, revenue streams, dividends, buying group options, working share owner options and other details;

This works with Community Economic Development (CED) and the CED Account

- The Strategic Account -
Simpler, faster, easier, with more general or focused dynamic options and opportunities

Our Future - download Strategic_Account.pdf - all based on : SEDI_Investment_Vision.pdf

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