Strategic Enterprise Development Inc.

Mission: The Made in Canada Continuum and unlimited creative imagination

Our mission is to promote a focused national vision for experimental and applied design engineering research and development projects, general and advanced manufacturing, technology and industry development for strategic, operational and tactical advantage.

Mission Notes:
This mission offers challenge and reward, both tangible and intangible, that requires individual self management with the acceptance of personal responsibility, with people having common values working together in a unified spirit of co-operation, purposefully directing energy and resources on everyday mission tasking and the long term vision.

The individual has unlimited creative imagination, that includes brilliant technical or inventive genius, and passion to make those ideas, dreams and vision, into reality. This includes projects and products that are simple and more complex, endeavours and enterprise that require basic infrastructure, resources and personnel, that can create new jobs, careers, wealth, products, technology, commercial opportunities, business and technology combinations as it expands in power, capability and success.

As the enterprise grows, the magnitude of the continuum is amplified, more possibilities and opportunities are created that never existed before, with the ability, capacity and resource base to be deployed with greater advantage and success. Infrastructure, people, machinery, resources, commercial markets, joint ventures and product and technology integration, each having corresponding, integrated, independent or inter-dependent missions, can be optimized, adding synergistic value and more Made in Canada.

An idea however simple or complex has the potential power to increase the things we value the most, the quality and performance characteristics of a product or technology, to increase productivity, safety and the quality of life, more intuitive and awesome design elements and functional capacity. Extreme durability, high compliance and reliability in operational environments, unified with art and science creating well crafted excellence and to enable, augment and amplify the mission tasking of entities, enterprise, endeavours, individuals, industry and national vision.

This mission requires individuals that choose to make a difference, being pro-active, involved, courageous. This enables strategic risk and resource management with project management competence, to develop excellence in solid quality, character, performance, value, style, reliability and efficiency of technology, products, services, personnel, careers and business enterprise.

The question is, do you want more Made in Canada and everything that goes with it, or do you want to continue with the status quo of oblivion?

This endeavour is based on the Capital Vault Incorporated - CVIx Advanced Projects with the same values, fundamentals and vision, of the design engineering, research and development, custom build and mass production of Made in Canada, being organized, focused and promoted with Strategic Enterprise Development Inc. and the related entities.

This site is under construction like a lot of other seasons, as in Canada there is only one season, Made in Canada eh!

Our goal is to make this website, faster, easier, more relevant, effective, influential, exciting and to the point. We need your response, involvement, to be pro-active and go forward in any way that you can, to make effort, not excuses. Response ability and pro-active ability.

Common values is essential, Made in Canada is what this is about, the strategic enterprise that enables a magnitude of strategic, operational and tactical capabilities and advantage to be possible. It goes way beyond that, with the idea of building great things together, individual and career development, the prosperity of families, community, thriving industry, excitement in the air. "When was the last time, you sensed something was different, a lot different?"

It is hoped that people would not be jealous of what someone did, invented, created, organized, wrote, dreamed, incorporated, or the incredible vision they have for the awesome future that is possible, but that people would realize everyone has their own particular gifts, abilities, talents, passion, creative imagination, dreams, interests, time and resources.

We all need to play the hand we are dealt, we all can find ways to get involved and transform thought into reality. We are not here to be entertained, or to entertain. We are here to build something, and to live the greatest adventure of all time. This takes energy, initiative and enthusiasm, focus, not endless distractions. Resources, people and co-operation are essential, many hands make light work, as the saying goes. Here we have a sense of urgency, almost everything involves national, industrial and economic security, what are you going to do about it?

Individual Creative Imagination is Visionary!

Advance in the direction of the future, the extra-ordinary vision…

Exercise the power to create an awesome future now

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