The opportunities presented here now and those in the future exist for greater physical, spiritual, emotional and mental levels, and also for the expression of unlimited creative imagination, of the individual soul and people working together.

These endeavours provide opportunities for professional growth by challenge and reward, both tangible and intangible, industry economic vitality that includes prosperity, abundance, self-sufficiency, independent, integrated and inter-dependent options, and the potential of enhanced perspective for new wealth creation. This expands into co-development, joint ventures, technology and product integration that multiplies the value added factor and synergies, in addition to being a greater point of attraction for synchronicity, possibility and probability and the unknow variable, that leads to a more fluid, awesome environment conducive to people, opportunities, resources and related infrastructure to transform that vision with the alternate reality creation engine.

This is a more multi-dimensional vision, something altruistic, that includes the individual, the family, industry, associations, enterprise, clients and customers and the community. Even though strategic enterprise and advanced projects are the primary focus, in the technology continuum, provisions and essential needs of general, conventional and old school technology, capabilities, products, tools, machinery and technology continue to exist and are valued, that is people working with their hands, heart and soul, pure ability and enthusiasm, as an industrious work ethic taking pride in one's work and continuous improvement and working together in a spirit of co-operation with common character, values and goals.

This endeavour includes the environment, local, regional, provincial and national realms of potential, it includes various levels of government, programs, projects, products and services.

It includes the ideal of peace, order and good government, and encouraging others to be pro-active and go forward in real progress, and to create, enable, augment and amplify good people with character and common values, true values, common heritage to be integrated in a unified field of co-operation, enthusiasm and creating that highest vision that we can imagine and working to transform thought and that vision into reality.

More opportunity:
What is remarkable, with a private enterprise and securities, the passion, energy and work invested alongside super charging the project of the century, and with the intensity and integrity out on the line, a considerable degree of due diligence and articulating things in greater detail, more comprehensive and more realistic in a more down to earth version, is at work. The one page simplified extremely general investment summary, typically offered by public investment entities or other financial institutions, contrasts significantly from what we are involved in. Greater awareness, perspective and relevant options may be useful to some people.

The options of financial and non-financial investment of time resources, expertise, intellectual capital, and possibilities for jobs, careers and enterprise development, in addition to buying group, the practical invest or contribute to custom build, prototype, or limited to mass production, goes way beyond conventional investment techniques, portfolios and wealth management. The choice between accepting your "pittance" vs the sky is the limit thinking and that we create opportunity, prosperity, abundance on an exponential scale is like a chasm between mountain ranges. This is like the mentality in thinking, generousity and pure make it happen capability or the creation of an environment and infrastructure that is conducive to mission succeess and building anything including great things together is nothing like being in a trance or hypnotized into thinking or not that you only have these three choices and nothing more.

For some people and enterprise typical loan financing is essentially the boring extremely limited range of loan financing with corresponding criteria is light years in the opposite direction compared to the awesome virtually unlimited capacity of capital structure integration, enterprise organization and various ownership, control, voting and jurisdiction possibilities that can be utilized not only for new wealth creation, entrepreneurial start up and intermediate to long term enterprise requirements. Imagine the possibilties.

Capital structure to enhance your imagination and understanding a little bit, take the idea of convertible bonds. Convertible bonds are an excellent financial tool, yet few people have the idea that maybe that they can be converted into shares, or products and services or future revenue streams or other personal and enterprise opportunities that are impossible to get at the stock market, mutual fund or other typical and maybe even boring or not very relevant investment or financial options. Most investment managers don't know about them, never use them or offer them or even know where to get them, even if they could operate out of their own investment options bubble.

Thinking outside the box, or escaping from the bubble, if you can imagine for a moment, understanding that we are not trying to change you, but there are other possibilities you might be interested in. People can contribute, have conditional sales and acquisition contracts, utilized with the custom build buying group accelerated enterprise and production and prosperity model that creates wealth, saving and a whole lot of more made in Canada. How is that relevant? Local, regional and national economic industrial enterprise, jobs, careers, infrastrucuture, tax and revenue streams for starters. Finding ways to build or acquire industrial or commercial space, machinery, materials and capital to pay people and create a future with more products, services and technology that you can benefit from is another.

Everyone wants to know what is in it for them, there you go. Don't like investing? How about co-operative association custom build buying group? People understand Costco and a $50 membership or whatever it is with all kinds of stuff not made in Canada, and that's ok, so why not something to help the woodworker down the street to get his shop or other industrial enterprise going, or someone to make custom boots, or tires, after all about 17 million vehicles in Canada need tires right? Why give that away, a $multi billion tire industry, or any other industry that the all wise government gave away, like textiles, automotive, heavy machinery, farm equipment, auto parts, when you can create and sustain good paying solid quality family rated jobs and careers, have secure supply lines and actually have something that says Made in Canada? Oh Canada, we stand on guard for globalism to ruin our country…true crime, treason and genocide, and selling out the country and giving it away, we stand on guard with pogey, disability and welfare and no jobs for whitey, especially a straight white nationalist that is not a good robot…

We interupt this program…with a news flash

So yes, we understand free trade, here is a $20 billion industry you can have for free, after all, in Canada we don't need jobs, careers, tires or anything, we don't even need to work, we live in igloos and drive the dog team everywhere, except when we go to the states, then we put the dogs in a kennel and rent a car at the border, after all we are priviledged, right?

Oh look, here is another $10 billion industry, we don't need, heck, you can have all the machinery and intellectual property, rip it off, knock it off we don't care, counterfeit it, we don't need jobs, we are priviledged, right? Does anyone care to add up the value of industrial liquidation since free trade? Anyone care to comment on that? Can anyone do the math, even basic math?

Oh I see, you think I am being sarcastic right? No worries, I am so priviledged I don't need to be validated, I am good to go, thanks anyway…sorry to hurt your feelings, I can see that now, I am a little slow, please be patient, maybe I gotta see the shrink…the 95% made in china is a bit much for me, I think. Make that two shrinks and a cup of coffee, so I can do stupid things faster….maybe a not so free trade deal or something like integrity, loyalty, co-operative association, autoparts and fuel for dividends.

Ok back to our regular program…

Individual creative imagination, new possibilities and awareness that creates opportunity that is stratospheric in that new altitude and attitude that a pilot would understand and the good robot vs bad robot, or well adjusted slave vs freedom, independence and independently or co-creating destiny is a zillion miles in another direction. Once again, good to have relevant options, right?

What works for some, may not work for others. Some people don't mind being in a straight jacket frozen in ice, while others may enjoy waking up, jump out of bed and hit the ground running, to jump in with both feet to the most exciting day ever, with intensity, passion, being alive with new possibilities, the creation of new reality, products, services, technology, programs, projects and opportunity, consciously creating, doing, achieving, experiencing…something awesome.

The choice of options to be involved offers little excuse to not be involved, yet it is understandable that others may not share a particular vision, care about made in Canada, creating new jobs, enterprise, products or technology, defence, industry or any number of things that can be done by anyone. So lucky for us, we are understanding, accepting and hopefully not be too prickish, pushy or judgemental about it after all, this is the freedom of choice planet, right? We (the all powerful we) only want more Made in Canada, like a lot more.

The awesome empowering and rewarding possibilities that exist with working shareowners offers dynamic potential for challenge, opportunities, personal and professional growth that is massive and energizing beyond the typical union or employee labour management realities people are confronted with living at the whim of others. This contrasts even more so with the pro-Canada, made in Canada, local economy and industry that is an integrated part of the community that is under control by a more nationalist approach, such as economic industrial nationalism, the ideals of self sufficiency and independence, the wealth recirculating and staying in the Canadian economy vs mass exports of jobs, careers, factories, money and expertise.

I have not figured out how to say less and be more understood, vs saying more to be more understood at the risk of being mis-understood. The main thing is to stand on guard for Canada with Made in Canada. Keep the main thing the main thing, right?

Everything on this page exists only here. It is not available at your financial institution, with your investment advisor or your government agent, it is not on mainstream news. This is for availability for Canadians to be not only part of the solution, but to go beyond that with the alternate reality creation engine to create the future, something you can have by powerful freedom of choice, isn't that awesome news?

Individual Creative Imagination is Visionary!

Advance in the direction of the future, the extra-ordinary vision…

Exercise the power to create an awesome future now

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