Here and now - heart to heart

Is freedom, health, independence, opportunity, prosperity, adventure and happiness important to you? What about Made in Canada, awesome, challenging and rewarding jobs, careers, enterprise commerce, is that something more up to speed? No more robot jobs, but everyday life with purpose, productivity and profitability, and being in your zone, is that a lot more interesting and exciting?

Strategic Enterprise Development Inc. is dedicated to the establishment of a bold and ambitious vision, revitalized industry, a magnitude of enterprise, general and advanced technology, manufacturing and design engineering all with a Made in Canada focus.

Programs, projects, products, services, research and development, investment, custom build, mass and limited production, awesome quality and performance and independent and integrated development dedicated to strategic, operational and tactical advantage, solid quality good paying, family rated jobs, careers and enterprise opportunities, everything totally awesome, visionary, bold, practical, inspiring, futuristic and traditional, as real as it gets, down to earth and the sky is the limit thinking, creating the future, with the alternate reality creation engine.

This is heart and soul, from a nationalist, a visionary, someone who dreams, plans and is actively engaged in transforming thought into reality, someone who makes effort, not excuses, with the courage to build, excel, create opportunity, successful enterprise, a revitalized industrial economic reality, a national renaissance in thinking, doing, being, having, achieving, a world and life of excellence, possibility and optimism, something to get excited about, dream about and get involved in, this is what is reserved in trust for you, an awesome life and a chance to be a part of that, to build grteat things together.

Our identity, our dreams, our plans and future is very important.

This here is the project of the century, the Canadian century, the one we can have by choice. This takes work, co-operation, dedication, courage, will power, the impetus to overcome obstacles, objections and the temporary problems, to go beyond all that and build something awesome.

This endeavour requires a love and passion for industry, real enthusiasm, a very smart economic plan, solid family, a vibrant community, true values, solid character and industrious work ethic, dedication, loyalty, common purpose and unity, with a fantastic vision that is possible step by step. What about you? Does that interest you? This vision includes you!

I love the spirit of co-operation and energy for work and industry, the energy for the family and building the community and the nation, brilliant imagination and direction with vision, going forward with real progress.

Like many other people, I look for Made in Canada and Product of Canada, but it is not a lot truly available, but don’t panic, there is a solution, I really think so. I believe in engineering, research and development, Made in Canada, transforming thought and creative imagination into reality, creating opportunity and wealth producing power in an unparalleled scale, without precedent.

I believe in trust, with co-operation and a spirit of enterprise, working to build great things together, something with heart and soul, character. I believe in co-operative associations, buying groups, private investment, working share owners, asset protection, something down to earth, practical yet visionary, quality, style, performance, innovation and brilliant invention, design elements, something awesome...what about you? Does that interest you?

We need Made in Canada commerce again, with energy, intensity, vitality, another dimension of possibility, yes, the possibility of opportunity, strategic economic investment and development for prosperity, self sufficiency, good news, the true life, the job and career that pays, for the vitality of the family, and the chance to start a family and build the community. Is that something you can live with, or would you prefer to live without?

Many Canadians feel at a loss, defrauded, depressed and angry, victims of treasonous government with people without vision, true values, a moral conscience, or even a basic idea about national, civil, industrial, economic, enterprise and personal security, certainly no idea about nation state sovereignty or basic self-sufficiency, overloaded with imports and immigrants, and fewer opportunities for the real Canadian, the founding people of Canada, we have reached a point in the time line, a choice point.

A choice point is good, the right one that is going in the direction of the future we envision, supercharged with the alternate reality creation engine, that is discussed in associated websites and companies promoted here. It is time to be pro-active, go forward, have confidence, trust, make effort not excuses, get involved, express the best of who you are, encourage others, to be victorious, to achieve and build great things.

Forward thinking is exciting, exhilarating and alive. To be engaged in creative purposeful work, co-creating and letting the soul go free, to grow, excel, experience challenge and reward, and new sense of vitality, is something we all could experience more of, right?

My imagination, I give with the presentation and promotion, all the things here.

It’s our chance for big things, the national renaissance, the not so quiet revolution, it’s our choice!

For me, the expression of imagination is very important, it’s the magic, the real power and dignity.

Individual imagination, it’s unlimited, for me, it exists because of dreams and the extra-ordinary vision, after all, I am a visionary. It’s the archetype of Mercury or Hermes and the Aquarius zodiac sign, over there, here and now...down to earth...and in the stars. Beyond the speed of sound, beyond the speed of light, the speed of thought, imagination set free. I think like that because I am like that, it is an unescapable fact of reality, an everyday normal part of life.

I remember that unity makes the power, never forget that. I am living, like you, every day, it’s very important...and we all have to play the cards we are dealt, I hope you understand, the big picture, something so fantastic is possible, no matter who you are...think about it for a moment of frozen time...what would you live your wildest dreams? To have excellent health and vitality, happiness, to live a purposeful life, a much better quality of life?

What would you do to be part of the solution, realizing problems are temporary, or what would you do, going beyond the problems and create or build something fantastic? What could you do, if you imagined, even doing small things that would add to the quality of life for yourself and others? Does that sound altruistic? Imagine a little, what if one thing could change everything? What would it be? How would you know? Would you just do it because you wanted to? Do you believe that everything happens for a reason?

Would you, could you do something to express something in your heart and soul, a desire for a new experience, a brand new emotion, or something even more intense, or even only just a little bit more exciting than everything so far or right now?

What if all you needed was a little encouragement, a little audacity, boldness, a little courage, a step forward in that direction, not knowing all the answers, but somehow it would work out, and finding out something so incredible and awesome, like what is being promoted here, going beyond being a mere game changer, but something that can transform life, industry, enterprise, community, even the transformation of reality or what you believe to be true now, going beyond your present limitations, something that makes Canada, Canada again? What about it eh? Hmmmm a good question eh, nothing like election time...

Synchronicity? Is there such a thing, as synchronicity? What about providence? Does it only come from God? Does providence arrive because of some unknown variable, levers and buttons and programs of the holographic universe, angels or other entities? Or can we envision and work to build the world, the future that we imagine? Is it a combination of something mysterious, awesome, activated by pure imagination, intention or energy? Does it happen by itself, simply point and click by our command on a cell phone, wishful thinking, like the idea of the secret that the things will just materialize out of nowhere all by itself? Do things get built without tools, materials, imagination, machinery, money, personnel?

Challenging and rewarding work, is that a bad thing, or is it something much more up to speed, much better than endless imports and exports of jobs, money and closing down factories, enterprise and wiping out entire industries because of some imbecile, a traitor, someone without imagination, incompetent to find a better way...the better way to save jobs, create jobs and careers, new technology, products, services, enterprise, new business combinations, amplified and exciting opportunities for existing business, secure supply lines, strategic, tactical and operational advantage, new markets, or an entire economic system that is greatly expanded, dynamic, resilient, creative and awesome?

My gift is my vision and imagination, the capacity to write and make organisation and direction and I give that to you, it’s only starting. This is not everything, but it is something, I look forward to your response, constructive suggestion, imagination, ideas, ability and talent. As for the critic, that is nothing compared to the inner critic we all face, nobody is exempt, but I dare you to do something better and know that we all can add value to Canada, with the idea of Made in Canada, right? Think about it for a moment, a day or a while, what will you do to change it, more Made in Canada? If you want it, you must build it, you can choose personally, you have that option, powerful freedom of choice, and now that is possible with this endeavour, it truly is Made in Canada.

In the future, it is like a great alternate reality, a multi-dimensional reality and certainly extra-ordinary.

Once upon a time...has a whole new meaning when you think about it from the future...

With Strategic Enterprise Development Inc. today, right here and right now,
investment opportunities of over $500 billion have the potential to transform life in Canada.

A better quality of life, challenge, reward, adventure, prosperity, fulfillment, a revitalized Canadian economy, solid quality good paying family rated jobs, careers and new enterprise opportunities, revitalized industry, communities and a brand new emotion, something alive, dynamic, optimistic and exciting.

All because of you, the individual, freedom of choice, to create an alternate reality, the most awesome future imaginable!
Michael Comeau - Our Future

Individual Creative Imagination is Visionary!

Advance in the direction of the future, the extra-ordinary vision…

Exercise the power to create an awesome future now

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