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Hello, financial literacy should apply to government and the so called financial services industry. Debt created money by treasury bonds is not responsible economics, nor is it wise. It involves economic genocide, perpetual debt, compound interest (about 95% of the total debt) which to pay would and does break the laws of monetary physics, when real money or very little of tangible money, let's call it M1 cash, is almost non existent or to say more correctly a small percentage of total money creation, including financial instruments and credit cards or other lines of credit, that may not necessarily be legal tender for all debts public and private, however utilized periodically here and there, and the actual interest payment due exceeds that actual M1 cash; -

The vast money created by government is treasury bond debt and about 95% of the money supply is debt fuelled by electronic money creation by "chartered banks" which is private banking money creation, (of which money creation is a Section 91 exclusive Federal jurisdiction under the BNA Act of 1867); -

Many financial institutions, having operations obviously is not too mutually beneficial to private enterprise, are engaged in stock market gambling and the all time favourite derivatives which is a global market about $720 trillion, which is about 6,000 times more than all the money in the world; -

The derivative risk elements, are practically totally ignored and censored by public banks and financial institutions including "wealth management" funds or entities, also known as gambling or stock market casinos, in that it is not included or recognized or accounted for in "Risk Management" however, utilized in hedge funds, that is hedging your bets of obscene mathematical improbabilities, instead of investing in cedar hedges around a property or highway for a snow fence; -

Actions and risk generated, as well as the everyday citizen that is collateralized to create more debt by the government with impossible to repay logistics of engineered perpetual debt and economic and industrial genocide, of which the interest is considerable, and can be cancelled and eliminated with debt free money creation.

Made in Canada, with the main idea about self sufficiency or thoughtful economic patriotism, not the 95% of stuff in stores made somewhere else. -

So talking about financial literacy in Canada is one thing, but to do something about it personally is possible here with Strategic Enterprise Development Inc., and to have massive financial, investment industrial economic literacy and genius is available by freedom of choice with the relevant options of :

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In the more Canadian political nation building spectrum :
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Present any idea of what is wrong and how to fix it. The global reset does not want you to have private property or nation state sovereignty, so it is essential to know that it is infinitely better and wiser to organize yourself, because if you don't and someone else does, you may not like it. -

Although to say that many people in government are not financial literate, or maybe even incompetent, would be presumptuous or inaccurate, it would be extremely easy to say that, at least they do not have the moral courage to do the right thing, which is debt free money creation by the Bank of Canada, eliminating or cancelling compound interest, restricting derivative stock market gambling, no private bank electronic money creation. -

Additionally, next to nobody in government says anything about "Made in Canada". Citizens are confronted with all types of economic industrial and cultural genocide, treason, financial mismanagement, debt creation, lost opportunity, destruction of nation state sovereignty and all types of nation security threats, the liquidation of entire industries, enterprise and valuable careers, jobs and industrial secure supply line infrastructure that we actually need, and would not have to buy everyone else's junk from around the world. -

Self sufficiency and exporting a surplus should be basic economics, not destroy your industry, give away your natural resources, fuel, energy and transportation logistics and infrastrucuture to the enemy and disqualify whitey the real Canadian from financial resources that could be deployed to create real wealth generating power, products, services, technology, invention, new enterprise, new combinations of wealth, also known as technology and wealth amplifiers, a basic ecomomic principal which also generate revenues and greater tax base which makes it infinitely easier and better for everyone. -

We can go back in time to Graham Towers, who understood real money creation, not the London School of Economic genocide, we can redevelop the Avro Arrow, awesome research and development, more Made in Canada, we can even have mutual credit debt free money creation, instead of welfare and dependency, we can have independence, freedom, productivity and prosperity, a unified country of peace, order and good government, not political parties, stupidity and division, where citizens and people in government actually know right and wrong, wise and unwise, financially litterate instead of being engaged in economic and industrial genocide in addition to all the other things that can be improved upon to make a more prosperous advanced civilization.

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