Business is War - a different perspective

We can emphasize a different perspective with contrast.
We start with the basic peace and war vector scenario of:

Peace, Order and Good Government (Confederation 1867) V. Crime, Treason, Genocide and War (Constitution 1982);

Thoughtful economic industry pro-active and pro-Canada V. Globalism, stupidity, stagnation, selling out the country;

Revitalized Industry, Communities, Regions and Families or V. Decimated Industries, Communities, Regions and Families;

Opportunities, relevant options and real freedom of choice V. defrauded and loss of opportunities, few or no relevant options;

Enjoyable work, careers, business - challenge and reward V. boring, monotonous, irrelevant robot jobs;

National and individual self-sufficiency - the sky is the limit V. import, welfare state dependent, oblivion & genocide;

Vibrant and optimistic enterprise, communities and families V. struggling, frustrated, burnout of communities and famililies;

A real friendly industry, enterprise and family environment V. hostile (CTGW) against industry, enterprise and family;

Awesome Design Engineering Custom Made in Canada - or V. Stuff n Junk Made somewhere else, trade & currency war;

Solid Quality Good Paying Family Rated Jobs and Careers or V. everything we dont want!

Productivity, Prosperity, Providence, Opportunities, Wealth V. stagnation, poverty, status quo, controlled and limited;

Excellence: to do, to be, to experience, to achieve, to have V. Limited: to do, to be, to experience, to achieve, to have;

Character, true values, family values, industrious work ethic V. the wasteland of super-imposed oblivion & destruction;

The golden age of Peace, Order and Good Government or V. tragic Crime, Treason, Genocide and War;

How is that for contrast? How is that for freedom of choice? Now let's go forward shall we…

Let's start with relevant options like, co-operative buying group associations, national, industry and community dividends, convertible investment and acquisition, conditional investment, development, sales, aquisition and deployment, working shareowner, ownership, control and voting, asset protection and Capital Vault Incorporated (CVI) & Strategic Enterprise Development Inc. (SEDI) Strategic Risk Management.

These relevant options are simply rare and extremely difficult to get anywhere else, certainly not your bank or financial institution or investment advisor or wealth manager, as it appears that they don't want you to have that kind of power, options, freedom or the ability to create the future and live life on your own terms, that is with strategic, operational and tactical, financial and psychological advantage…hmmm how cool is that? After all, business is war, right?

You can see how the status quo of conforming to limited choices, many of which are irrelevant and not very interesting or to your advantage, are vastly limited in imagination, freedom, power, self sufficiency, opportunity, nation building, pro-active, nationalist or even basic industry and industrial capability to produce, create, innovate and create wealth on a small or unprecedented scale of pure awesomeness, that way it was, like the way we need to make Canada, Canada again!

The fact is we are engaged in multiple war vector scenarios right now, and people need to be aware of what is going on, how it is happening, to be able to identify the enemy, strategize and be pro-active, take initiative, exercise personal responsability, go forward with courage, tenacity, resolution and put out the effort, nobility, and moral courage to do the right thing with co-operation with others having common goals, needs, history, experiences and to go forward as brave individuals, resourceful, dedicated, reliable, trustworthy, competent, with health, energy and vitality, optimism and fortitude to succeed, to overwhelmingly succeed.

We are going beyond typical enterprise capabilities for the enterprise and for the individual that are strategic, operational and tactical. Some is also stealth, involves power, speed, high calibre competent personnel, people with a wide skill set that can be redeployed in accordance with their abilities, talents, expertise, character, credentials, experience and things they are most passionate about, optimizing people. This can include you, the individual.

The good news for us is that together we will re-invent, redevelop and rebuild the national dream with design engineering custom made in Canada. Creative imagination at work for something extremely relevant and practical, with productivity, opportunity, challenge and reward. A co-operative endeavour and infrastrucutre can generate prosperity with new wealth, technology, innovation in products and services. Also, the creation of new or expanded learning, skills and character development, through college, trades and university with co-operative learning and work options, is also magnified with the reward and satisfaction of building great things together. We can produce what we need and also a surplus and export it, that creates more prosperity too.

This endeavour requires an environment that is national security rated, which means, real true values, people with character, loyalty, co-operative enterprise, a pro-Canadian government and personnel. Something with more intelligent, creative and industrious patriotic vision in people, enterprise, industry, comunity and government. This is done with strategic enterprise capabilities, ordinary solutions will not do, we have lost too much production, assets, wealth, companies, money, jobs, careers, enterprise commercial options which are all essential for the total production logistics of wealth producing power, wealth being much more than money.

Yes, being visionary is good, being extremely practical right now and today, this week or month is essential. Looking at cause and effect, problem solving and doing something, is better than doing nothing. Looking at the future, whether by dreams and premonition, trends or knowing about how people, industries, societies and nations can fail is one thing, yet we can be pro-active with individual initiative and on a much larger endeavour with a like minded group or community, we can even take a pre-emptive and pro-active course of action that can safeguard our health, relationships, industries, enterprise and family.

Being pre-emptive and pro-active requires some kind of vision, wisdom, the idea and understanding of possibility and probability, the idea of creating the future instead of living in a cruise control default mode, that is so common especially in voting or not voting in politics, the indifference and the problems from not looking at things with the nation, family and enterprise building elements of logic, critical analysis, or the reality of the character and morality of people and their ability to make a difference whether good or bad, right or wrong, wise or unwise.

The aspect of "strategic thinking" is essential as the pre-emptive, pro-active and counter-measures are all options we have, relevant real and practical options that amplify our ability to leave nothing to chance, as many problems are a result of ignorance and negligence, some from sabotage or other conflicts and things we might not be aware of or anything else that can result in grief, sadness, pain, sickness, poverty, lost opportunity, being defrauded from the future right now or even death. We need to be more comprehensive, more perceptive, with more perspective, more aware, with the bigger gears of machinery at work and all the little mechanisms and details that make things work or not work, attention in the details.

A new confidence, money in the pocket, easier financial transactions and business capabilities, dedicated to make progress, to succeed, to achieve and build great things together, with boldness, audacity, faith, trust, confidence, optimism. The gears are turning, the linkage of mobility is moving, the transformation of thought into reality, real tangible action, productivity and profitability and certainly applied effort that propels us forward with control, power, speed and agility. This effects physical, mental, emotional, psycological, and spiritual faculties, we are multi-dimensional, yet we need to see and know the basic connection for make it happen capabilities.

Avro Arrow, C102 Avro Jetliner, Canadian automotive industry, Made in Canada? Technology in trust??? Why so anti-Canada?

Canadian owned, controlled and voted, strategic risk management, asset protection, working shareowners, awesome educational, jobs, careers, enterprise and investment options, revitalized industry, community and prosperity, money recirculating more in Canada, national, provincial, community revenues, individual initiative and personal responsability, optimism, community economic development…is anyone interested? If you are on the front lines of industrial economic warfare, what do you imagine you need, or believe would be good to have?

Can you choose to get involved personally, or do we really need a whole new government, like a made in Canada party, and what about something for people that never vote and people who only complain, how can they be pro-active and part of the solution? Writing to MP and MLA/MPP personally? Do you have any idea how difficult that would be? Did you ever notice anyone in government talking about Made in Canada?

Is anyone interested to invest, special order, conditional sales contracts, invest and acquire or anything like that? The big money world, management vs labour, co-operations vs competition, employee vs working shareowners, continuous improvement and world class innovation vs nothing really awesome, the list goes on, what is it going to be?

The reward money to catch someone in government promoting Made in Canada is still unclaimed, and that is simple mind boggling? If there is anyone with any ideas, who cares about Canada and made in Canada, or peace, order and good government, now is the time for all good Canadians to come to the aid of their country.

You never knew how business is war before, but now you know, right? Just a little bit…

Individual Creative Imagination is Visionary!

Advance in the direction of the future, the extra-ordinary vision…

Exercise the power to create an awesome future now

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