Special Projects -
Paul W. Kincaid Enterprise & Technology
(summary, PDF, news - en route) under development

Personal initiative proposed endeavour for:

- Paul W. Kincaid -
existing and future enterprise & technology

Advance in the direction of the future,
the extra-ordinary vision.

Ground Support Mission
Promote the Independent Inventor;
Enterprise logistics, technology & infrastructure continuum
technology research & development
Energy & Fuel Systems technology
Investigative Research Projects

Innovative Investment, business combinations, enterprise
Secure Supply Lines & Made in Canada

Capital Structure & Securities Options, Prospectus Development;
Serial Bonds Real Estate Options, Convertbile Bonds, Common Shares;
Private Securities, Private Investment, Public shell & IPO options;
Technology Acquisition, Buying Group;
Co-development Options;
design engineering, experimental research & development;
Prototype, super proto type, mass & limited production,
custom made projects, design engineering consulting;

Strategic Risk Management & Asset Protection;
Private Investment Management;

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