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Exoneration Projects - High Mileage Fuel System Technology

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Projects :

Fuel System Technology

The recognition and acknowledgement that Advanced High Mileage Fuel Systems Technology exists and have been invented, suppressed and censored in addition to other actions against the fuel system industry;

The existence of fuel system technology and potential for integration in a wide variety of applications that can transform the fuel energy, heating, power generation and vehicle industries;

The promotion, development, integration and applied reseach of nearly 1,000 fuel system patents and classified advanced technology, in the possession of:

National Turbo-machinery & Propulsion Inc. -

Super Atomized Fuel Systems Inc. -

Super Carburetor Inc. -

Vapour Induction Fuel Systems Inc. -

Icosahedron Hydrogen Generator Fuel Systems Inc. -

The potential and opportunities for co-operative association of inventors, OEM, research and development, general and specific applications, co-development projects and advanced fuel system technology deployment;

With the technique of exoneration, eliminate some problems, accept challenges, be more pro-active, enable relevant options for individuals to acquire advanced fuel systems in limited, custom and mass production applications where possible;

Initiate counter-measures and increase awareness corresponding to the decisions and direction that are not very smart which have been super imposed on the creative individual while restricting availability and options to real progress and performance and to increase the reward experienced by advanced fuel systems acquisition, use and benefit,

Increase co-development, OEM original equipment manufacturer and retrofit custom build products, which may include strategic, operational and tactical advantage of vehicles, engines and propulsion, such as in the automotive, aviation, aerospace, marine, machinery, heavy equipment, heating and power generation industries and related technology and applications;

Relevant options concerning the diesel engine additive scam forced on diesel trucks which have been utilized to control and terrorize the trucking industry, reduce efficiency, safety, while increasing stress and complexity and engine, fuel and operational regulations unnecessarily;

Increase the awareness of the Carbon Tax scam and stupidity of decisions against and concerning the fossil fuel industry, and the great super imposed role and influence and control of globalism and other ulterior agendas at work, including the corruption, ingnorance and lack of awareness concerning political entities and agents,

Increase the awareness of media and government that includes the ignoring, suppression and censorship of advanced fuel system technology, enterprise, individuals and inventions, in addition to other relevant events such as chem trails and microwave technology such as microwave cell towers, smart meters (aka spy & crime genocide bio-weapons) that contribute to environmental crimes and warfare against people, this includes mass media censorship against the straight white individual inventor with creative imgination;

To promote, enable, augment and amplify Advanced Fuel System Technology -
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National Turbo-machinery & Propulsion Incorporated

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