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Exoneration Projects - Bombardier inc.

Pro-Active, Emergency, Intervention, multi-dimensional solutions;
National, Industrial, Economic and Enterprise Security;
Counter-measures for national, geo-political and exo-political scenarios;

options and combinations with Advanced Projects and Exponential Projects ;
options with Special Projects and Advanced Civilisation Projects;
options for political, governmental and economic re-orginisation;

Regroup and re-deploy enterprise and co-enterprise;
Development and promotion of private enterprise;
Investment, acquisition and co-development

awareness, understanding, learn, grow, excel

Projects :

Bombardier Inc. :

With the technique of exoneration, eliminate the problems, decisions and direction that are not very smart;

exchange debt for equity, Class A & B - $9 billion
(yes the debt is not smart for bankruptcy, insolvency or increased finanancial risk)
(or if interest payments go to an offshore captive account, that is not good either for disclosure of true financial statements, so why all the interest with debt and where is it going?)

eliminate the union (Aerotek etc) zero control by an american union, not very smart

because of national, industrial and economic security

utilise a nationalist Canadian Union, if it does not exist, create one

eliminate the chance of treason by or against the people

compensation, recognition and promotion for the ideas and innovation of personnel, not going to the union-agency (it's possible to have a Canadian nationalist union and also have the innovation, suggestion and ideas advanced through the union and forwarded to the company) (this can include audit, verification, status of that in accordance with the agreement)

don't fire or terminate the job or careers of personnel because they talk about their ideas, suggestions, patents, design elements, techniques and process, production, tools, for quality, safety, precision, generally or specifically (union technique)

the supervisor do not need to be afraid of very smart personnel with ideas of innovation, techniques, processes and everything else. Supervisors are afraid to lose their job when someone new on the job or with new ideas that make existing practice obsolete. Some people don't have "credentials, degrees, certificates and all kinds of training but they are naturally geared with individual creative imagination, have experience and inventive ability and are de facto smart…which can make some supervisors look or feel stupid, so ideas are not forwarded, there is no accountability for suggestion box, idea and innovation tracking and the corresponding rewards, recognition, promotion, the union or staffing company wants to own it all and nothing to the individual, so eventually, usually within a short amount of time, the the individual, who threatens the status quo, since it already obsolete, is terminated from the job. This has actually happened, as union types keep seniority as the status quo, and feel threatened by the "bad robot"…or "you are not a team player" which is like a cosmic joke on the guy who keeps inventing and improving every single day, that is why it is called continuous improvement and the biggest room in the world is the room for improvement, it is not the aircraft hangar believe it or not.

zero production in Mexico and China, quality, integrity and reliability are all essential.
The stated goals of China was to become the number one in the world for railways and rail cars, which already onflicts and competes with Bombardier, so why give them advanced design engineering and the manufacturing process so they can put you out of business faster? Why give them production contracts to supply rail cars over here, when they easily can slow or delay deliveries and quality…and just a little bit different than the "Technical Specifications" can make a huge difference on some things, and we know how Bombardier is with technical speficications, right? Some deal with fuselage, is a $52 million aircraft worth that really when sections of that is made in China?

Confidence and integrity and knowing someone took pride in their work is one thing, tangible and intangible, so when people talk about consumer confidence, it is not only about spending money but also getting quality and value for what they acquire and the agreement and acceptance of the whole supply chain and values that go with that, Made in Canada is one of those things. So, as a result, reducing the possibility of sabotage, spying and counterfeiting, trade and technological secrets being handed over to the enemy vis a vis globalism executive and board decisions that can actually make stupid decision or not very smart decisions, or not very visionary decisions based on a much wider range of peace and war vector scenario in multi-dimensional space and multiple theatre of operations and not just, we can make it cheap there, layoff people here and make record profits…oooppps, what could go wrong?

do not sell the business jet or commercial jet division or the rail technology division;

BRP - ownership and control is a good thing;
The AC220-300 - re-acquire ownership and control, don't give it away when you are about to make record sales and profit, that is not very smart, after all that expense…

Not only that….
Also regard: (by making something very complicated, do you think you are very smart?)
Restated Articles of Incorporation - Statuts constitutifs mis à jour : (

Class A voting, Class B non voting, thanks for the investment…probably it is easier to obtain more investment with Class A than B, and make dividends simpler, more understandable and predictable without making all kinds of excuses and conditions, less complicated like the Statuts constitutifs mis à jour…Restated Articles of Incorporation…read it…

Obtain government contracts, with entities and enterprise, airways, for production, research and development….sell, sell, sell, co-development, joint ventures…

When the enterprise receive investment by the government or investment entity, don't terminate the jobs and careers of people and transfer that to Mexico or another place, remember the 1,700 jobs or so…ah oui, je me souviens…this is not acceptable and does not conform to technical specifications or for character, integrity, it's funny like that eh.

What about government?

Also, eliminate the liberal fascist politics of crime, treason, genocide, war and immorallity.

If we would continue and restore the Confederation of 1867, we would not have the problems we have, since we would have peace, order and good government for the Union of Canada, we would have debt free money, nationalists, pro-Canadian straight white founding people with self government, not an economic system of imbeciles and poverty. Debts and compound interest does not help anyone here, neither massive debts in an enterprise…

Once upon a time Canada was very rich, lots of Made in Canada, lots of jobs, production in industries and enterprise, not much debt…

The treasury bonds, international debt, compound interest and the taxation system that distorts the faculty of reason and proper business management is distorted with the tax liabilities based on whether or not it is a interest or dividend revenue, corresponding write offs and other techniques of poor financial management is a recipe for economic and industrial enterprise disaster.

The government, investors, shareowners, Desjardins and general public, don't understand the problems with the union, the sabotage at work, the people who are contrary to enterprise also, the people who try to sell the enterprise or division here or there, the global enterprise risks and problems and selling out to the United States. It's tragic, I remember RONA, it's not acceptable, it's crime, treason and genocide…

Probably we need an new nationalist political party, at least based on Confederation…nation and enterprise builders, not demolition experts working for foreigners and globalists.

Real money without debt, plus alternative money, mutual credit, economic systems, you can find it in Advanced Civilisation Projects…

Not so famous last words:

"We are very pleased to announce this agreement, which represents the completion of Bombardier's aerospace transformation,"  CEO Alain Bellemare said. (Bye bye CRJ)

Yes, sell the CRJ, another decision not very smart…Sell the A220, another decision not very smart, give the technology to China, Mexico, oh yes, another decision not very smart, sell the business jet division (yes you want to keep that eh) not very smart, sell the commercial jet division after over $6 billion invested when it is about to make record sales and profits, give that all away, 10 cents to the dollar, oh yes, another decision, not very smart, the same type of character that demolished the Avro Arrow, yes we feel sorry that you built the most awesome jet in the world, but obviously, you should get out of that business right away, OMG what were you thinking? True or not true?

Yes, reduce all that to rubble, destroy it, torch it, raid it like an investment banker, break it up, sell it off, get out of business, cashout and get lost. No ownership, no voting, no control, no design engineering, no wealth producing power, or the power to create jobs, make decision and invent the future, that is destiny, take the best jets in the world and piss on it, torch it like the Avro Arrow, destroy the hope and optimism and pride and people, that is so much better, how did you get so smart, with the spirit of industrial, economic and technological suicide and genocide…

"Where there is no vision, the people perish" so do industries, enterprise and a nation.

Conscience and character is essential…you are in for a big surprise, and all the globalists who don't like nation state sovereignty, self sufficiency are equally also in for a surprise.

Imagine the liberalism formula of "crime, treason, genocide, war and immorality" with Conservatives who conserve nothing, who sell out the country, industry and enterprise if you like to think about that for a moment…

Did you notice, nobody talked about exchanging debt for equity, pay a dividend and have a beautiful day, there is money left over for beer, poutine and a game of golf…there is no limit to stupidity, like wowee…

Did you notice, concerning Investors, Investment entities and agents, nobody talked about Class A and Class B, or all the wealth and investment managers are idiots that don't know anything and have no imagination for problem solving or actual new wealth creation…they are not capable of simple mathematics, it's incredible, credentials, certificates and licenses with no credibility, creative imagination, resourcefulness, resolution or co-operative endeavours. All that flash is worth zero! Men in construction have more make it happen credibility as they are actually building something locally and not exporting money, jobs, careers, enterprise and industrial infrastructure out of the country, construction people are productive and not parasites or "collaborateurs" in "creative destruction" of sellling out the country.

Did you notice, nobody talked about Class A and Class B, or all the wealth and investment managers are idiots that don't know anything and have no imagination for problem solving or actual new wealth creation…they are not capable of simple mathematics, it's incredible.

Did you notice nobody talked about the problems with having a union controlled by Americans, those that control, own and vote, those who are invested and those who are not. Did anyone talk about the possibility of sabotage from within the adminstration and enterprise, or the union itself or the people one the shop floor having their ideas supressed and having their job terminated because they were a threat to the status quo and the planned destruction of Bombardier and making it look unprofitable, when in reality, they only had to do a few things different? All those people, what did they invent? What did they build? What did they invest in? Yet the big shooters call the shots and destroy something awesome, a super achieving enterprise…

Did anyone talk about the awesome design engeering elements and how it was above and beyond anything else? Or how Bombardier was on the edge of getting record orders of their pride and joy? No, only the debt. Did anyone talk about better promotion and sales? No, news media is non-Canadian and anti Canadian, it hates private enterprise, it hates Canadian super achievers, we are all supposed to feel guilty, yes white guilt, for being a super achiever, people get jealous of other people who succeed, they don't usually say "congratulations, that's awesome, I am proud of you, I am happy for you!"

The public and news media and other traitors are full of endless comments on all the money Bombardier received, "no more money" they say, no brains to understand the global air travel logistics of what an aircraft like that can do, better, easier and more economical than anyone else, more space, more style, more engineering, no only that debt and no more money. What a bunch of chicken shit poverty cases with no vision, no imagination…What could we do differently…no, anti Canadian fake news and propaganda, nobody said, only another billion or so and everything will be awesome and this is why, no, no deal. Canadian banking and investment managers are not very smart, people could have done their own research, made their own decisions instead of giving away all that power to a puppet under mind control that does not deserve it and has no loyalty to Canada or Made in Canada…

Did you notice nobody talked about class A vs class B, notice how the investment wealth managers are idiots and also don't know anything about. Did you notice nobody said the American controlled, owned and voted union was a problem.

Did you notice anyone mention the CEO and Board of Directors are actually sabotaging the company? What did they invest in it? What did they build? People look at debt and think it is the end of the world, fine, did anyone say look at all the awesome engineering and production and performance and markets and revenue streams? No.

Did anyone ask why people are dumping their Bombardier investment for Strategic Enterprise Development Inc., Comeau Aerospace Inc., or any one of the awesome companies being developed? Did anyone mention that it didn't matter because they were more interested in the Ultimate Flying Machine Adventure, greater integrity, accountability, creative imagination that will make everything else obsolete anyway?

Obviously, the CEO and Board of Directors, Personnel, Investors and Union at Bombardier could work to build great things together…but it would be humiliating to acknowledg le Petit Snorreau…this was all predicted, in accordance with the law of escalation, intuition and destiny, possibility waves and probability curves, now, what are you going to do about that, eh? The people that went out of their way are not the same ones that can or will fix it. The damage is done! How is that for heart and soul, eh?

Did you notice the mainstream mass media influencing public opinion and government and government entities and agents to not work towards something mutually beneficial, and only no, no, no, nothing for Bombardier. People that own, control, vote, edit mass media are disqualified and unfit to be in that business, as they are anti nation state, anti-Canadian, anti-industry and anti free enterprise and a threat to the national security of Canada, of Canadian Industry in addition to being subject to foreign allegiance and influence of liberalism.


X Anon :

PS Thank your for censoring me, a straight white guy, non union, nationalist with strategic airlifter loads, and train & rail car loads of individual creative imagination….I understand what it means to be voted the "Best Managed" & "Governance" & "Sustainable", Evidently, some of us have a long, long way to go….anti free enterprise union treason, mountains of debt, Class B non voting shares, no working share owners, questionable appreciation and loyalty to personnel, terminating jobs of innovative and inventive people, selling out to globalists, liquidatoin of companies, products, technology and business lines and entire industries, and made somewhere else, is not one of them, not any of them, ever….

and special thanks to the mass media and Investor Relations people that did not give a damn about what I had to say, even if it included billions of dollars….like treason, sabotage has no limits, evidently your definition of a good CEO is a lot different than others, including credentials and competence, especially mine, too bad, so sad…it is especially difficult to understand how oblivious the owners and board are concerning the actions of every day working personnel, the union and staffing agency, managers and executives are in the real world, it is unbelievable.

It is unbelievable how all the "wealth managers" "investment managers" and "Portfolio Managers", could not scrounge or dig up a few billion for this and that! What poverty? Why not throw in a few extra billion for good measure? All these "money managers" are idiots, puppets, extracting money and sending to the big smoke, not to create jobs, like the union dedicated to destroy jobs and entire companies, people who personally invest in nothing, own nothing, contract nothing, build nothing, dream of nothing…imbeciles, like Pension fund managers also, lots of money for projects around the world to finance the enemy, but nothing for Made in Canada. What a bunch of bulllshitt, traitors with fancy suits, expensive cars and huge luxury homes, incapable of having ownership of voting shares, giving someone a raise, a bonus, stock options or opportunities for career advancement, new enterprise units, research and development excitement, just threats, putting someone's life on the line and hanging them out to dry, abondonned and dispised…with a cold good bye and don't trip on your way out the door…

It is mind boggling how one extremely inventive guy can have his job terminated, because he is a threat to the establishment, that they would look bad, stupid, incompetent, ignorant, backwards, even with all their certificates, credentials and training and titles…of course that is not an ordinary inventive guy, that was a visionary, brilliant aerospace genius, zealous, yet humble, with the energy and enthusiasm that personifies aerospace itself, whom you did not know, nor did you care or understand, in the essence of someone that wanted to make a difference…for Bombardier, and now it is too late and does not matter as he is a billionaire and does not care what you sell or what you keep, he is making it obsolete anyway, it was always his destiny…and not to worry, he never liked the ball and chain, or to conform, or the long list of infractions of nothingness, he never did well with the robot job, or dealing with people who thought they knew it all, and evidently did not, and as the saying goes, dealing with those type of people is really annoying, but hey, maybe it is possible to do great things for Bombardier, but what great things will Bombardier do for the individual with creative imagination, they man who travels through time, the man with a magnitude of energy to build something awesome? Cheers, to the unknown mystery man who could have saved Bombardier, but went on to build something more awesome…that was the best thing you ever did!

I prefer Comeau Aerospace 100 % -

Continu et étudier:

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