Advanced Civilisation Projects- (sommary, PDF, news - en route)

Advance in the direction of the future - the extra-ordinary vision

Money, Power & Economic Infrastructure

CNES - Confederation National Exchange System -
- green dollar : zero debt, zero interest - electronic and polymere
- for the founding people of Confederation :
- based on the original (LETS - Local Exchange Trading System)

NETS - National Exchange Trading System -
SEN - le
Système d'Échange National
pour les peuple de la Confédération

Join-Strategic.pdf - SEDI_Advanced_Civilisation.pdf -


In case of an emergency, if you don't belive there is a problem…
ICE & CME: The Exchange Casinos
That Control Practically Everything

You Will Be Ripped Off
In Biggest Financial Scam Ever 
(Unless you prepare in advance)

Providentially, with vision, being pro-active and in accordance with our destiny, it doesn't control us,
and if you make the right decision,
it won't control you either…

Individual Creative Imagination is Visionary!

Advance in the direction of the future, the extra-ordinary vision…

Exercise the power to create an awesome future now

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